P.O. Box 15401 Riverside, RI 02915


park guidelines



  • You and your dog(s) enter the dog park at your own risk.

  • Your dog must have a valid license and current rabies shot.​​ 

  • Let's keep all food outside of the park. 

               Human food or dog treats, it can cause scuffles, promote begging, and endanger    

               dogs and people. 

  • Please remain inside the park with your dog at all times. 

  • Always clean up after your dog. 

                The park provides bags and waste bins for this purpose; it couldn't be easier!

  • If your dog becomes aggressive, please leave the park.

                Safety for all dogs and people should be top of mind in the park

  • Remember to latch the gates on your way in and out.  Also, please DO NOT use the maintenance gate under any circumstances.  This puts the dogs at risk.

  • If your dog is sick, in heat, or not up to date with shots, please wait until this is not the case to return to the park.

               Cases of kennel cough (and like viruses) spread rapidly; dogs in heat can be the

               source of aggressive behavior in other dogs; and staying current on shots will

               ensure the health of all dogs, including your own. ​


  • Children must be supervised at all times. 

               It is strongly encouraged that you consider your child's age, height, and comfort

              level before bringing him or her inside of the park. Ample green space surrounds the

              park for parallel play! 

  • The baseball fields are NOT to be used as an alternate dog park.  There is a hefty fine for trespassing on the ball fields with your dog and there are signs that clearly state that dogs are not allowed.  

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